Saturday, October 18, 2014

It's hard. Let's be real.

I'll say it again and probably a thousand more times. Being a mother is pretty much the hardest thing I've ever done. Yes, it's the most rewarding thing. But damn, it's hard. And I feel like a lot of women shy away from admitting this for fear of being shunned or seen as inadequate. But I have no problem shouting it from the roof tops. Having a baby is hard! So very hard. Yes- it's also amazing and so rewarding (but we hear about those things all the time). And it's like duh, baby smiles and touches are the best. 

I think it's the combination of lack of sleep and daily worry/guilt that makes it so rough. I never knew I could worry about some many trivial things. Is he sleeping enough? Is he eating enough? Did he spend enough time on his tummy? How the hell am I going to get him to stop sleeping in his swing? Is this normal crying or does he have a milk allergy? Should I take him to Target during his nap time or awake time? I mean the list goes on and on. Maybe other mothers don't have as many worries as I do. Or maybe that just don't voice them like I am. Or maybe it's my crazy perfectionist personality. Who knows?!


I'm trying to learn to let go and just be. But it's so dang hard. I like having a schedule and knowing the answers. But I'm learning that with a baby the only constant is change. For example, my little man was doing 6-7 hours stretches for the past month. Out of nowhere this week he has decided to wake up every 3 hours. It's exhausting and I don't really have the solution. But I think that's just how babies are- always keeping ya on your toes!

So fellow mamas, let's talk sleep! Are you getting any? How did you get your baby to sleep? Any suggestions on moving this guy out of his swing?!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Weekend Road Trip

Last weekend, we decided to make a little road trip up to LA to visit all our friends. Beau needed to meet all his besties. We are so lucky to have friends with babies that are all pretty much the same age. Curren (the other baby in the hat) is just one day older than Beau.  I just wished everyone lived closer, so these kids could hang out all the time.
 Beau absolutely loved hanging out at the beach and getting to watch his daddy surf! Not to mention it made him pretty tired. Thankfully, we had rented an RV for the weekend, so little man was able to go nap in the RV. It made everything pretty easy and quite an adventure. It was nice having everything we needed on hand- a microwave, a bed, a fridge. And it made it super easy for me to be able to pump, since this guy has decided he's too lazy to nurse. Thanks a lot, Beau!

Beau is still just a tiny little peanut weighing in at 11lbs at 3months. He's still having trouble gaining weight and we aren't really sure what the problem is. The doctor thinks maybe reflux, maybe milk protein allergy, or maybe he's just small. It's a little frustrating not knowing the answer and thinking something is wrong. But I'm pretty convinced he's just perfect the way he is and doctors cause unnecessary stress on parents.  Seriously, he's happy and he's healthy. He's just not following the growth curve of other babies. Ugh, so annoying. 

I can honestly say at 3 months, it's getting easier. I'm not as tired anymore, still tired but not as bad. Little man has more control of his head and is way more active. He loves smiling and cooing. I can't wait to see all the changes he's going to go through in the coming months!


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Obsessed: Chambray

Right now, I'm obsessed with all things chambray. I'm always on the look out to add another piece to my collection. It's just so versatile and timeless. The Canadian tuxedo is going to be my go-to look for Fall. And polka dots and chambray- it doesn't get any better. 

I absolutely love the above chambray shirt dress by Paige denim. But I just can't justify the $180 price tag. So if anyone knows of something similar- let me know please!

I guess you could say I've always been obsessed with chambray and denim, as made obvious by the lovely photos below. Oh gah, matching denim outfits. Doesn't get much better than that?! Dallas was obviously a fashion hot spot. 

What trends are you loving right now? 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Just checking in

Yeah, I've been super MIA. Being a mom has been getting the best of me. I think these pictures make up for it though. Yup, you are welcome! Little man is slowly putting on the weight. He's almost up to 11lbs. What happened to my tiny newborn?! 

We are thinking Beau might be a bear for Halloween. If not, I don't care it was too cute to pass up. I wanted to get this bear outfit in every size.But thought maybe too hot for SoCal....

Ya, my beauty routine has really taken a back seat. I don't think I've had my hair done in a long while. Hoping I get a chance to remedy that soon. But no guarantees. 

On a side note, come on fall weather. I'm ready for some temperatures below 60. It's been too dang hot here. 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Photos from my iPhone

Just practicing our selfies! And a donut is necessary when pumping!

This boy loves his daddy and walks with his pups!

In honor of shark week we busted out the shark robe!

As you can see, my life lately has been so sweet and so full. I'm totally consumed by my little guy and I wouldn't have it any other way. He's really starting to develop such a fun personality. He now smiles and coos at me. It's like he knew I need that (because sleep deprivation really does a number on ya). I literally have hundreds of photos of my little man. I have to upload all of them at least once a week because they fill up my phone. Hope everyone is having a great weekend! We're planning on going to the beach and getting fish tacos with friends! 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

My Breastfeeding Story

In honor of National Breastfeeding Awareness month I thought I'd share my breastfeeding journey so far. It’s 3am as I sit here typing this post and I’m hooked up to my pump chugging water. So, yes I would say breastfeeding/ pumping is hard work. I’m actually finding it way more challenging than labor and delivery and that’s saying a lot seeing as I had a third degree tear.

I always knew I wanted to breastfeed my babe. I did my research and there are just so many benefits to breastfeeding and I obviously want what’s best for my little guy. But gosh, you hear it’s hard and you think how hard can it be?! It’s natural. People have been doing it for ages. Well, it’s REALLY hard and painful. I don’t care what they tell you, it does hurt for a while (use coconut oil and get some good nipple cream- it will save you).

We didn’t get off to the best start breastfeeding due to Beau having to be in the NICU. While at the hospital, I had to wake up every 3 hours and go feed him. Once I was done feeding him, I would go back to my room and pump for 20 minutes. It was a whole lot of work and left me getting no sleep. During my stay, I used a nipple shield that was given to me by a nurse and despite using the shield my nipples cracked and bled. However, the lactation consultant on staff said our latch was great, so I just continued doing what we were doing.

Once I got home, my milk came in and boy did it come in. I was EXTREMELY engorged from all the pumping. My boobs were solid rocks. My advice- pump less, hot showers, and warm compresses. Feeding was still excruciating not to mention baby wasn’t putting on the pounds. Knowing that all my hard work was not chunky up my little man was so discouraging.

Well, two lactation visits later come to find out Beau had a tongue and lip tie that was preventing him from sucking properly and causing pain and poor weight gain. We did a quick procedure to have both corrected, since they can also cause speech and dental problems. I was hopeful that everything would be smooth sailing from there. Immediately after the procedure, Beau latched great and I felt no pain! I thought we were in the clear!

This is what my fridge looks like!

Unfortunately, a couple days later I realized he was still not gaining weight. As in, he was feeding for an hour and only taking half an ounce. Over came the lactation consultant again. She thought he did not like the milk flow that it was too strong for him and he was unsure about everything that had happened to him. She suggested I pump and bottle-feed him until he is ready to breastfeed again. So, that’s what I’m doing- just following his lead. He gets most of his feeds from a bottle and I try latching him sometimes when he is calm and in the mood. He’s not the greatest bottle feeder either, but we are working out it. It’s not ideal, but at the end of the day I want a happy baby that is gaining weight. I’m just going to do what works for him and hopefully we will figure this out together!

Monday, August 11, 2014

First Month Baby Favorites

Before having a baby, I spent hours on my registry and looking up reviews on every product, but it turns out Beau could careless about most things. Now, that Baby Beau is just over a month old, I figured it's time we share out first month favorites.

Halo Sleepsack Swaddle: Beau cannot sleep without these. We now have three on rotation. They keep him nice and cozy and he isn’t able to startle himself awake. These are the best; trust me, we tried other brands.

Boon Lawn: Gosh, we have lots of pump and bottle parts to clean. This drying rack is a lifesaver for letting things air-dry and keeping them all in one place. Plus, it looks good too!

4moms Mamaroo: I would get nothing done without this thing! So I have to admit, Beau sleeps in it most nights and during naps. He likes being more upright and the motion. Yes, it’s going to be hard to break the habit later, but mama needs some sleep to be able to take care of baby. I love that I can control the speed and the motion. I almost didn’t buy this, but boy am I glad I shelled out the money!

Carter’s Classic White Onesies: There is nothing sweeter than a baby in a crisp white onesie. These are easy to put on and easy on the wallet, so stock up. Perfect for my little summer baby. We are saving the cute clothes for later- right now we go through multiple changes a day!

 Aden+Anais SwaddleBlankets: Yes, these are on everyone’s must have list and for good reason. We don’t even use them as swaddles anymore! They are perfect as a sun cover, germ cover, wiping up spit up, and so much more. We always have a few handy. Plus, they just get softer with each wash.