Friday, July 31, 2015

Life Lately: I'm Back

I can’t believe I took that much time off blogging. It wasn’t intentionally, it just kinda happened. Life got so busy, but hopefully I’m back for a little bit, because I really missed this community. I took a step away to focus more on work and family, but I realized that this blogging business is such a good release and so rewarding. It’s a part of me now- my own little outlet to let the thoughts pour out.

As an added bonus from stepping away from the blogging scene, I’ve realized how important it is to take time for myself. I cannot be the best mom, wife, or worker if I don’t take care of my needs and give myself a little time to do my own thing. Being a mom is a huge, HUGE part of me now, but I want to be more than just that. So I’m hoping to make the blogging thing a more regular thing from here on out.

So a little life update, since it’s been awhile. My sweet boy just turned one!!! That literally blows my mind! I feel like I was just pregnant with him. I know it’s cliché, but it’s true- the days are long, but the years are short. Somedays feel like an eternity but then crazy enough the months fly by. Beau is in full on toddler mode. He walks, he chatters, he has opinions. Pretty much the most fun and challenging stage yet!


We also sold our house and bought a new one! It was so much work and a huge reason I haven’t been able to blog. Doing both at the same time was rough. So many open houses and walk-throughs. It is no easy feat to keep a house clean with a baby. Plus, lots of paperwork and stress. But now, we’ve officially moved to the beach and couldn’t love it more. It was worth all the headache. We can walk to the beach, which is a dream come true! The house itself needs some updating, but I love that we will be able to make it our own. And I seriously love having all the bedrooms on the same level. I hated Beau being upstairs and us downstairs (sidenote: one stories are so hard to find).

That's what's been happening around these parts! Cheers to the summer and being back to blogging!


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Hard, Easy, Hard, Easy- Repeat

I cannot believe my little man is 8 months old. How is that even possible?! That means in just 4 short months he will be a year old. And that really blows my mind. Just yesterday, one of my girlfriends sent me a text saying- "Happy 8 months, Beau! Congrats on surviving 8 months, Jess!"

And that right there really hit home. I've managed to be a parent for 8 full months. I've made it through the first round of teething, the first few weeks of having a newborn, the 4 month sleep regression, the battle of starting solids, lack of sleep, the beginning of crawling and so much more. And what's even more amazing- I haven't just survived, I really feel like I've thrived. I'm just starting to realize how strong you have to be to be a mother. 

At first, I was blown away by how hard it can be to take care of another human being. The feeding, the sleeping, the entertaining- all of it. And somewhere along the way, I've just gotten better. I'm not sure it's necessarily gotten easier, but I think I've gotten better. I've found ways to deal with less sleep and less me time. I've embraced the daily messes and the fact that every day will not be easy. Accepting the chaos has really allowed me to enjoy everything so much more. Yes, some days are hard. But then some days are easy. It's certainly a series of phases. 


The days seem to be so routine, but in a way that's amazing. Each day is a new start.  So if yesterday's naps sucked, hey maybe today they will be better. It's awesome getting a do-over everyday. So those are my thoughts these days. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

On Being 7 months

Time is such a strange thing right now. Each month passes with a new milestone. Weeks and days go by quickly, although in the moment they can feel terribly long. I love each day because it's always a new adventure for Beau. He wakes up so excited to see what the day holds. He lives for each moment. And so do I. I have to be careful not to blink or the moment will pass us by. 

Oh this guy has my whole heart for my whole life. I never fathomed I could love this deep. They tell you that you won't understand it until you are a mom- and it's true. Being a mom is both the most challenging and best thing I've ever done. 

Beau is really at that in between phase right now. He's not mobile yet...but he's definitely not still either. He's constantly trying to move and crawl, but usually just ends up rolling all over the place. This morning he woke up at 4:30am (sigh) to practice crawling in his crib and a little bit of singing too. He's lucky he's so dang cute. He babbles all the time, but no real words yet. He's eating tons of purees and some pieces of food, but not enough to cut out the bottle (although he would like to!). Seriously, his enthusiasm for life is contagious!

I feel for the little guy, because he is so frustrated at not being able to do what he wants. He's so close to being able to do so much but still just isn't there. I guess it's a rough life being 7 months old and not being able to accomplish what you want. And my gosh, teething is never ending! Beau and I can't wait for those top teethers to come in. They are giving us constant annoyance around here. 

But all in all, life at 7 months is best amazing. I can't believe how much babies change and develop in the first year. It's mind blowing. Just 7 months ago, this sweet boy was a blob that couldn't do anything. And now he is almost mobile. Big things on the horizon for him!

And please make sure to check out my guest post over at my sweet friend Denise's blog Gratefully Inspired. She's a beauty of a mama that has a whole series of posts about Living on Purpose. I talk about all the ways I'm working on living with intent and being in the moment!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Patience. Infinity patience. It's what I'm working on every single day. This baby of mine is my best teacher. Who knew I would be learning from a 7 month old at 27 years old?!

I'm learning that every day is different. Some days he will eat a lot, other days barely nothing. It's hard not to stress and worry, but it's out of my control. Some days he is a babbling happy guy and then the next day he is cranky (I blame teething). Some days he takes great naps, and other days not so much. All I can do is love him. And give him and myself some grace. We are not perfect. We are human.

Patience has really never been one of my strong suits. But it's improving on a daily basis. I don't have a choice. Patience is part of this whole parenting thing. I'm learning that I'm not really in charge anymore, and neither is Beau. It's about going with the flow. 


I've noticed that whenever I try to make grand plans they rarely work out. Oh hey- we'll drive to dinner and he'll fall asleep on the car ride and we can have a nice, relaxing dinner. But more often than not, he stays awake and demands my attention throughout the meal and then falls asleep  on the way home and doesn't want to go to bed at his bedtime. Isn't that life?! It messes with my head realizing I can't control everything around me. 

I find myself some days longing for the sleepy newborn days. And then other times, dreaming of this little boy walking and going on adventures to the zoo. And then I stop and think- I will never have this moment back. This stage is amazing too. So I'm doing my best to have infinity patience and take each day as it comes. Just living in the moment and savoring the details. Because I truly have the sweetest little guy I get to share every day with!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Life lately

He has not mastered the sippy cup yet. But here's to trying!

I swear, we just are starting to get better at this sleep thing and BAM we are teething again! I guess, it keeps things exciting around. So sleep training, it was a rough first few days/nights. But he is really getting the hang of it. I just have to do my best to not let him get too tired or then it's a struggle for him to put himself to sleep. Babies are so backwards- too tired= too hard to go to sleep. But seriously, baby sleep is like rocket science. You want them tired, but not overly tired. They need enough sleep during the day to sleep well at night, but not too much. It's a work in progress and a bit of trial and error. But hooray, little man is in his crib in his room!

Little man already has his two bottom teeth that he got about a month ago. But I would say because of the excessive drooling, gnawing, and night wakings that those top ones are on their way. To beat the teething blues, we've been taking lots of nice stroller walks. And the weather- it's absolutely magical right now. Just lots of sunshine and nice breezes. I know the rest of the country is in a snow storm, but here in SoCal it's pretty dang perfect. But back to teething, any remedies you recommend? Anyone have lucky with the Hyland teething tablets?

Baby boy is all about the solid foods these days. We give him mostly purees, but he really wants whatever I am eating usually. I'm just too damn chicken to give it to him. I'm terrified that he will choke. So right now, he's getting mostly yogurt, sweet potatoes, prune & oatmeal, and avocados. Anything and everything I can to chunk up this little string bean. He is just so dang active. He doesn't really like sitting up. He can do it, but usually prefers to fling himself backwards and roll to his tummy. It frustrates him to no end that he can't crawl yet. He's working on it though!
Check out those cute little bottom teethers!

I know, nothing too exciting going on around here just now. Tomorrow we are off to the ped for some shots. Boo! But here's to hoping she is impressed by our weight gain! I cannot believe it's already February. I'm convinced that time flies when you are sleep deprived. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Kauai Family Vacay: Best Time Ever

Ready for an insane amount of photos from our Christmas-New Year's vacation in Kauai?! Yup, this is the photo drop of all those goodies! We had a great time on the island and are already dreaming of going back this Christmas and making it a yearly thing!!!

We scored an extra seat on the plane both trips. Literally just lucked out on that, which was a huge life-saver having a whole row to ourselves. Beau was able to stretch out and sneak in some quick naps. We had horrible turbulence on the way there, which was no fun! But after 9hours of travel we were happy to be at our destination! Little Beau was able to make a quick and easy transition with the time! Woo-hoo!

This kid obviously had the best time on his very first Christmas! Glorious sunshine and lots of island air. We made sure to take many strolls, just enjoying the breeze and the sun. It felt nice to just kick back and relax after working my butt of all year! Being a working from home mom is no easy feat (post to come on that)!

It was amazing to have an extra set of hands all day long! Hooray for daddy! We just soaked up all the together time we could. My aunt and uncle were also on the island at the same time too, so they helped out a lot as well, making it really a vacay for this mama! Cause you know sometimes when you go on a vacation and you get back home and feel like you need a vacation to was nothing like that!

I'm pretty sure this little face sums it up! He had a great time! There was always so many new things to look at and do! Plus, he got to fall asleep to the sound of the waves every night. We stayed on the cliff over looking the ocean in Hanalei. 

I seriously do hope this becomes an annual thing! We are trying to get my parents and sister on board for the next trip. Staying in Princeville and renting a condo is the way to go. You can cook in your own kitchen, have a pool, and be just a short drive to everything! Plus, there's a great walking trail and cute little shopping center with the best ice cream (Lappert's). 

To see a bunch more photos from our trip, check out the hashtag nelsonsdokauai on IG. I'm showing some restraint, because I have about 100 more pictures I could post! And maybe if you're lucky (and I have time) all post all the deets on the trip like places to stay, eat, etc. If you haven't already, make sure to read last post on sleep and comment with any advice you got!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Operation Sleep

Ok, it's gone on too long! We need some sleep around here. It's getting ridiculous! So we are planning on trying our hand at sleep training this weekend and I am so nervous. I literally crave sleep like it's a drug! We haven't slept a solid night in 6.5months (don't worry I still love my little baby to the moon).

Unfortunately, since Christmas vacay Mr. Beau man has been co-sleeping with us. He didn't care for the pack n play in Hawaii and then when we got home he was teething. But now those teethers are through! And I think it's time he goes up to his nursery. It sucks that it's all the way upstairs and we are downstairs, but nothing we can do about that. Praying that he learns to sleep with minimal wake-ups or I'm going to be doing lots of running up and down.

We are going to try the SleepEasy Solution, since I've heard such great success stories from friends! I'd love to hear your thoughts if you've sleep trained- any advice? I know the big thing is to stay consistent and I'm going to try my hardest to stay strong, because sleep is so important for everyone. But man, I am such a wimp when it comes to crying! So I'm thinking I might have to modify the plan a little to make me comfortable. Again, any advice?!

I think with better sleep I'll be able to be a better mama, wife, friend, worker- pretty much better everything. And that's what I want in 2015- to be a better version of me!

And I got a burning question for you- what can I do about little man hitting his head and getting his limbs stuck in the crib? He's an active little sleeper and rolls around a lot (so lots of head banging). I know crib bumpers are a no-no, but what the heck am I to do?! Any good solution, mamas?! 

One of these days, I will get around to posting about Christmas in Hawaii, I promise. I got loads of awesome photos too! But for now, I'm all about getting my sleep on.