Friday, August 5, 2016

Life with 2 Kiddos

Not going to lie to you, life with two babies is absolutely crazy. Crazy and beautiful. And hard. Pretty much every day is just a straight up circus around here. So with this extra five minutes of free time I had, I decided to blog a little of what I've learned so far.

  1. Set your expectations low. Some days will go as planned, but most won't. And that's totally ok. As long as everyone is happy and healthy then all is right in the world. 
  2. Get help when you can. Lots of people will offer help and make sure to take them up on that offer. Don't try to be super woman. This was so hard for me to relinquish a little control, but oh what a sanity saver. 
  3. Coffee. So much coffee. 
  4. It's a constant battle between sleep and free time. I rarely have a free minute to myself these days and when I do it's always a choice between sleeping or staying up late for some alone time. I always pick that alone time and then regret it in the morning. When will I learn?!
  5. There is so much love. Sibling love is just the best. I can't wait for these babies of mine to really be able to play together. Beau wants his sissy to be able to play so bad and gosh Ms. Blake's eyes follow Beau wherever he goes. 
And that's about all the time I have. LOL. Maybe, just maybe some day I will get back to posting regularly, but until then make sure to follow along on IG @mrsjessnelson

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

We're having another BABY + Gender Reveal

In case you missed it on my IG post, we are having another BABY! Baby number two is due in May 2016. We could not be more over the moon about it. It was a bit of a surprise, but in the best way!

I'm currently 13 weeks and just now starting to feel better. The first trimester this time was ROUGH! Not to mention having to keep up with a toddler. Definitely not for the faint of heart. But, I'm happy to report I'm getting my energy back and not as queasy. Seriously, such a change from last pregnancy, where I felt perfectly normal the first trimester. 

And we already know the gender of baby 2. How crazy is that?! I did a blood draw at 10 weeks and they were able to determine the sex from that. It's 99.9% accurate. So now for the fun(ny) gender reveal story....

Hubby was determined to know the sex of this baby. I, on the other hand, wanted to wait until birth. Well, we compromised (kinda), by agreeing to have a little gender reveal shin-dig. I ordered a cake, by giving the bakery the sex in an envelope and that was that.... Except it wasn't.....

The bakery called me two days before our little party to explain an error in charges. I said no big deal, I'll pay the balance on pick up. The baker was confused about coloring the cake or the frosting. Again, I said no big deal just dye the cake. It should have been left at the that. BUT NO. The baker went on to TELL ME THE COLOR. Thus, ruining the surprise for me. I was pretty bummed out. I really had wanted to find out surround by my family. 

My hubby sensing I was really bummed, called the bakery to let them know they had ruined the surprise. And then they TOLD HIM. Ok, now I was really bummed. I contemplated not doing any reveal since the surprise was gone for us both. But decided we would still shock our family. Oh but the fun doesn't stop there.....

My sister brought over the cake on the night of the reveal and left it on the counter. Our extremely food motivated puggle thought it would be a good idea to taste test while we were in the other room. So then there was a hole in the cake- with the color peaking out. Luckily, my sister's boyfriend was able to patch up the cake and remedy the situation. So day saved. But without further ado, BABY TWO IS A ......


I've had a feeling baby was a girl, just because everything felt so different this time. More sickness and more tired. New cravings. Just all around different. But at the same time, I just always imagined having only boys. In my head, I always saw us with three boys. So it was still pretty surprising to me in the best way. Now I'm going to have a girl to dress up and love on. A mini best friend for life. 

To say we are over the moon is an understatement! We are beyond thrilled. Hope everyone in the blog world is well. I'll be trying to check back in a little more regularly now. xoxo

Friday, October 30, 2015

Self Doubt

If you follow me on Instagram, then you may have already seen my post on self-doubt. But I figured I’d touch on it a little more here, since it really does plague me.

I’ve always been a worrier and a stresser. I think it’s just something to do with my Type-A personality. But since having a baby, my worries seem so much more important and not so trivial.

There is just so much to worry about when you have to think about yourself, plus another human. Is my kid eating enough? Is he sleeping enough? Are we doing enough activities? Are swim lessons traumatizing him? Is having a smoothie all the time ok? Should we read more? Do we need to do more arts and crafts? How should I discipline him? Why isn't he listening to me? Does he get too much screen time?


But I don’t only doubt my mothering. I’m at that place right now where I just doubt myself in general. Should I work more? Or maybe work less or not at all? Am I losing myself in the whole mothering process? Should I spend more time on me? Should that time be used for exercising, pampering, or just being creative? Am I doing enough? Why am I always tired, but feel like I get nothing accomplished?


I wish I could say that I’ve found the answers to all these burning questions. But I haven’t. I’m still just questioning myself. Yet, I think that’s ok. I think that’s what maybe makes a good mother and a good person. Just questioning yourself and striving to be better. So I will just keep on keepin’ on. Yes, that was a lot of random word vomit. If you stuck with me to the end, then thank you!

Thursday, September 17, 2015


Just recently, I've started a gratitude journal of sorts. Every day, either in the morning or the evening before bed, I make a list of 10 things I'm grateful for. It's such a good reminder that I have so many good things in my life. I never want to take any of these goodness for granted. I just jot down whatever comes to mind and in no particular order. Lots of days, I write down many of the same things. And I've realized that's ok. It just means those are constant sources of joy and I should definitely count my blessings.

 So I thought it would be fun to share my list from last night.

  1. My amazing healthy and body. This body of mine was able to make a baby and now that baby is a toddler and my body is able to keep up with his never-ending energy.
  2. My sweet baby boy who always puts a smile on my face. He teaches me so much every single day. 
  3. My neighborhood. I still can't believe we can walk to the beach whenever we want. It's a dream come true. 
  4. Our cozy bed. I'm exhausted and can't wait to snuggle in. 
  5. Good food. My hubby always makes the most amazing dinners and I feel so satisfied. 
  6. Having a great husband. He cooks and takes the best care of us. 
  7. Finally some fall weather. We had to bust out the sweaters on our walk tonight.
  8. Having family close. I love going to lunch and hanging out with them on a whim. 
  9. Good books. I love reading before bed.
  10. Coffee. I'm already dreaming about my morning cup. 
Such a good habit to get in to. I totally recommend it to everyone now. It really makes you appreciate the little things and find joy in your life. 

Friday, September 11, 2015

The only constant is change

The only constant is change. Oh, how true that phrase is. Sometimes I love it. Sometimes I hate it. Regardless, it's true. 

Right when I think we've gotten our rhythm down....I'm in for a surprise. I should know this by now, but it always throws me for a loop. Heck, one of my favorite mottos is- It's just a phase!

So, Beau's really been changing things up on me recently. I think he's assessing his toddler independence that combine with getting molars in! Naps have been so strange. Some days 2 hours other days just barely over an hour. Haven't seen those 3 hour naps in awhile. Please tell me they will come back?! And his eating has been all over the place too. Some days he seems starving and other days I really worry if he's getting enough. I swear, that's always a constant worry of any mother- is my child eating enough?

Despite the crazy high temps (90 at the beach!!!), we've been spending a lot of time outdoors. First because that's where Beau seems to be the happiest. Secondly, I need to tire that energizer bunny out. So it's been lots of days at the beach or playing with the hose or water table. Heck, yesterday he jumped in the pool in his clothes. I see swimming lessons in our near future. 

 I have had to resort to wearing the Ergo a lot when Beau just constantly wants to be held. Teething is no fun, but I appreciate the snuggles, even in the heat. That carrier is one of our most used and loved possessions. So, so, so much easier than just carrying him and extra cozy. 

Change is great when you are going through rough patches. And it's so bittersweet, when you are in a lovely spot. While it is hard to accept change after things have been going so so good, it's also a good reminder that amazing things are ahead. This boy is starting to talk so much more. He now says yummy when eating something good. He tells our dog- NO MURPHY- when the dog is trying to steal his food. He's giving out kisses when we ask. He waves good night when I put him in his crib. Life is good.

Happy weekend!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Weekends are always a good idea

Gosh, weekends are good for the soul, especially long ones! We kept it pretty mellow and pretty awesome. We packed in lots of beach going and BBQing. Some hanging with our dogs and evening strolls. All good things!


We checked out the splash pad at our community center. It was a huge hit. We will be going back for sure. You can't beat that kind of fun for just $5. Obviously, I took the chance this weekend to introduce Beau to the gloriousness of guacamole! He was in love. We practiced dipping, but he ultimately decided the spoon was the way to go.  

Monday morning, Beau got up super early (6:30!) so we decided to grab our coffee and milk and head to the beach in our pjs. And it was pretty amazing. You can't stay grumpy when you are by the ocean. Pretty sure that's a fact. 

Hope everyone had a spectacular weekend! I'm excited for a short week. The way all weeks should be in my book!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Have a great long weekend

Hope y'all have a very happy and fun long weekend! Pretty sure, Beau has his first ever little cold. He's got an extra runny nose and is super clingy. But never fear, we aren't letting it get us down. We plan on soaking up the cuddles and the sun! Maybe watching a movie or two. Perhaps, grilling up some pizza on the BGE. Bring on the coffee and the donuts. Sounds like a perfect little weekend to me! 

PS- Here's a little update on Beau. I posted this on IG if you haven't seen it! @mrsjessnelson

My sweet dude is 14 months old. He's such a joy to be around. Waves and smile everywhere we go. Loves to offer flowers and any other thing he can find to anyone passing by. Enjoys fish sticks, cheese, apples, veggie sticks and yogurt. Drinks about 15oz a day of milk from his straw cup. And thinks any drink with a straw is his. We now hide our drinks or he would consume copious amounts of tea and lemonade. Naps are kinda all over the place right now. Adores nursery rhymes and books, especially ones with flaps or things to touch. Wears shoes when we go out (yay!). Eyes light up when he see a dog, cat, or bird. Always wants to be outside. Obsessed with the hose in the backyard. Carries around his stuffies all the time. Likes to practice with a spoon and fork. Now tolerates baths, but still prefers showers. Wants to be naked all the time. Fights the diaper change like a mad man. Sounds like a drowning cat when he has a temper tantrum- it's hard not to laugh. Gets into anything and everything. Pretty much the love of my life. 

Cheers to the weekend! Woo-hoo!